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The Plan – v2.0.0

I’m back to writing after a long time. This time with an upgrade in life. I was working on a tight schedule for the past 3 months. The goal is to fix and stabilize the project that I’m currently working on. But it seems like a never ending goal, since

djhemath - July 25, 2021

All the best

And consider this domain as my gift to you. And this gift is not for the works we have done together, but to show my appreciation for your passion, curiosity and infinite zeal for learning.As you might have realized lately, very few people have such a passion for learning, and also equipped with critical/analytical thinking and problem solving capabilities. In this way, you are very special.

SaiYasodharan - December 3, 2020

My first Job

This post is to express my thoughts of my first ever official job as a Software Engineer. This post will cover the reason for me to join the job, the joining experience, things I learned and finally the hard decision that I made to quit the job. Introduced as a

djhemath - March 15, 2022

Typescript in browsers – TC39 proposal

I recently heard about a TC39 proposal in ECMAscript. The idea is just mind blowing. Not sure whether it’s really that awesome or not. But I’m excited about this. So, I’m gonna jot it down here.

djhemath - March 10, 2022

Generation gap. Escalates.

I was never concerned about the thing called “Generation gap”. It started escalating in life and finding it hard to come over that. Clash between Me and my Mom in literally everything. Gonna jot down my thoughts on this. In my earlier days, people used to call me by the

djhemath - February 27, 2022


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